The R-PIQ Report

A sampling of the areas that are covered using the R-PIQ.

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Candidate Bio-Data
The cover page provides information specific to the Hiring Agency, Position sought, and general descriptive information of the R-PIQ test subject.
General Narrative Summary
The General Summary information provides an overview of the R-PIQ test subject to include Test-time, marital status, family history, work history, admissions to Critical Items, and Self-Statements concerning Career Choice, Candidates relevant issues, and candidates attestation of the provided information.
Discrepancies from Reporting
Some items are asked in multiple formats. If the R-PIQ test subject responses are found to be discrepant, then they are highlighted in this section.
Work History
Work histories are provided for law enforcement and general employment if applicable. Law Enforcement work history includes information about the employing agency, duration of job, and eligibility for rehire, complaints, suspensions, internal affairs investigations, and any disciplinary actions as a result of job performance. General Work history includes on past and present employers, duration of jobs, and eligibility for rehire, demotions, suspensions, and any disciplinary actions or reprimands as a result of job performance. Following each work history reporting, there is a detailing of all Items of Possible Significance which are items that may require follow-up by the employer.
Training and Education
This section details all reported Training and Education including information on High School, College, Military and any specialized training reported by the R-PIQ test subject.
Drugs and Alcohol Usage
Information reported in this section pertains to the R-PIQ test subject's admissions of all alcohol and drug usage, experimentation, and high risk behaviors involving drug and/or alcohol.
Personal Issues
This section addresses a variety of issues including involvement in high-risk behaviors, personal integrity and character issues. This section also includes a complete family history.
Financial History
This section addresses the R-PIQ test subject's general financial history and patterns of financing and debt to include payments and bankruptcies.
Legal and General Background
A variety of issues are addressed here including arrest records, driving history, firearms violations, illegal drug activity and general legal concerns.
Follow-Up Inquiries
This area of reporting is designed to identify any conflicts in reporting or inconsistencies in the logical format of information such as dates or time.
Critical Items for Agency
A list of research-based Critical Items correlated with poor job performance and counterproductive behavior as identified by the R-PIQ test applicant.