Frequently Asked Questions

A few commonly asked questions about the R-PIQ Exam and Report.

Is the R-PIQ a psychological test?
No, R-PIQ is a new generation assessment device that is based on a fusion of psychometrics and predictive analytical techniques that when administered as part of a selection process provides and directs investigative resources in a more efficient and cost effective manner.
Will R-PIQ save time and expenses in my Assessment & Selection (A&S) process?
Depending on where in the selection process you incorporate R-PIQ you can expect to save as much as 25% of the overall costs involved in screening applicants. The earlier R-PIQ is placed in your process the more you will experience savings. Significant savings result from the reduction of the more costly and time consuming selection hurdles such as polygraph, background investigations and psychological evaluations.
Is Pre-Offer testing worth the expense?
Pre-Offer testing is limited in scope but may provide valuable information that will reduce overall costs involved in your selection process. It is advisable to discuss the cost/benefit of each component of your screening process with your Police Psychologist and agency counsel.
What credentials are required to provide psychological evaluations in Law Enforcement?
Except where allowed or permitted by law, only licensed or certified psychologists with specific training and competency in psychological test interpretation and law enforcement psychological assessment techniques should provide psychological evaluations for law enforcement or public safety agencies.
Should all officers involved in a critical incident receive a debriefing?
This is a very controversial area in mental health and is more sensitive given the nature of law enforcement and the need to provide quality services to all public safety employees. It is best to consult directly with your Police Psychologist and your agency Counsel before establishing any written policy.